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for the "grand theft one: Star Wars rumored" will be released, SUPERGA brand to "STAR WARS" theme, launched a limited range of shoes series. Using Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, C-3PO four film of the character elements for the shoes design, not only the same color and figure, there is a portrait pattern of toe. The back of the shoe also uses the 3D stereo effect to present the word "STAR WARS". It was launched in Japan in December 1st. - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike classic Air Presto once again usher in a new color F.C.R.B. recently released its 2016 new wave of winter winter series Nike: a comment on the classic Air Presto once again usher in a new color: F.C.R.B. recently released its 2016 new wave of winter winter series Jordan Brand Future with Jordan; Brand Jordan Future official debut in the day before, also launched a new shoe color design, with classic color for new shoes add a color o Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping f allusions. Jordan Future is equipped with 11 generations of translucent rubber outsole, and the unique vamp woven with Woven technology brings Footscape's design sense. It seems Jordan Brand is interested in the development of casual shoes, like friends may pay more attention to. source: HYPEBEAST Edison Chan on foot / Air Jordan 10 cool greyMessi color / Adidas release new football boots F50 adizero TRX FG Messi comments on last article: Edison Chan on foot / Air Jordan 10 cool grey next article: Messi color / Adidas release new football boots F50 adizero TRX FG MessiFollowing the launch of the USA Nike and Jordna Brand special edition for independence day, the first special edition Adidas Basketball for this grand festival and in particular to create one after another. The first is the appearance of the independence day the color of the D Lillard 1, this version of the light blue shoes collocation red fender shoe body composition, finally with the blue crystal outsole. adidas-d-lillard-1-usa-independence-day.jpg (64.38 cheap jordan shoes for men KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Lillard 1 USA 2015-6-5 09:22 upload adidas-d-lillard-1-usa-independence-day-1.jpg (71.13 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Lillard 1 USA 2015-6-5 09:22 upload adidas-d-lillard-1-usa-independence-day-3.jpg (58.07 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Lillard 1 USA 2015-6-5 09:22 upload adidas-d-lillard-1-usa-independence-day-2.jpg (233.4 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Lillard 1 USA 2015-6-5 09:23 upload adidas-d-lillard-1-usa-independence-day-4.jpg (36.47 KB, download number: 0) download adidas D Lillard 1 USA 2015-6-5 09:22 upload Adidas 00 from the first half of the Guangdong shoes export growth worries plunge the EU anti-dumping affected by the European Union anti-dumping; in the second quarter of this year, Guangdong's exports to the European Union leather shoes slowed down rapidly; in June, the export growth dropped by 2.1% compared with last month. industry fears that the European Union will impose heavier anti-dumping duties on cheap jordans online Chinese footwear manufacturers. June shoe growth on the European Union began to fall yesterday, Guangzhou Customs announced this year 1~6 month, Guangdong export shoes statistics show that Guangdong cumulative exports of shoes (excluding shoes, boots parts) 1 billion 560 million pairs, an increase of 5.2% over the same period last year. Among them, two pairs of shoes exported to the United States and the European Union, accounting for 740 million of total exports of shoes in Guangdong, 47.4%. since April 7th this year, the European Union on China's leather shoes levy 4% temporary anti-dumping duties, the impact of the pole to see. Beginning in April, Guangdong exported to the EU leather shoes brake sharply, export volume plummeted from 10 million 169 thousand pairs in January to 5 million 195 thousand pairs, an increase of 59.8% from the high speed fell to 3.1% by June, and even dropped by 2.1%. anti-dumping duties or continued to increase more domestic companies are worried about, recently, the Eur Retro jordans for sale opean Commission Chinese shoes anti-dumping investigation issued a final determination of the draft proposal to implement the "restart quota system +23% anti-dumping tax" (that is, from the year of Chinese from 140 million pairs of leather shoes anti-dumping duties, export quota is required to pay more than this 23% of the anti-dumping duty). But protectionist advocates, including footwear producers such as Spain, Italy and Poland, argue that the proposal is too lenient with China and calls for tougher anti-dumping measures. therefore, there are people in the industry worried that China's shoes into the EU anti-dumping duties will be aggravated. It is reported that the EU's late in October 6th this year will be announced before the final. (editor in chief: admin)/NB continues the joint / German well-known store The Good Will Out, recently joined the sports brand New Balance, selected in 90s by 576 evolved from the 577 shoe type, launched the " Autobahn" don't note series. "Day and night" as the theme, " Autobahn" don't note ser cheap jordans for sale mens ies with " Day" naming style with grey, white and blue symbol of Germany that the highway system itself, and printed on the insole and driving pattern; " Night" is the heel and the red color meaning insole the night of the taillights and headlights, supplemented by 3M material " N" word mark, symbol of the busy traffic in the night. /Converse First String/ Converse First String Pro Leather Mid Zip " Pine Cone" Danner/ SOPHNET. x Danner /SOPHNET. " SOPH.TOKYO; 14th Anniversary" Light Ostrich comments on A: /Converse First String/ Converse First String Pro Leather Mid Zip " Pine Cone" Series A: /SOPHNET. Danner/ SOPHNET. x Danner " SOPH.TOKYO 14th Anniversary" Light Ostrich warm-up ahead of World Cup make the fans highly anticipated event in the world cup in June next year will be held in Brazil recently, Nike's Nike Air Force Downtown 1 shoes to create a world cup special edition, printed on the insole through Flag of Brazil pattern to meet the four annual event body altar. The new shoes retain the pure white prototype colo cheap foamposites r, and the bottom is equipped with translucent blue sole. Again, it creates a simple and comfortable aesthetic feeling. The shoes are on sale in Quickstrike limited, priced at about $$131.26, and will be on sale at Foot Locker EU later. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to. third hit! The pink ink jet / Nike Air Flightposite 1 Exposed "Vivid Pink" color shoes new shoes Element Refine Adidas new power / JS review last article: third hits! The pink ink jet / Nike Air Flightposite 1 Exposed "Vivid Pink" color a new running shoes new shoes Element Refine / Adidas power JSAir Jordan 1 Retro "Family Forever" will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 source: SneakernewsNike and JD Sports from the UK stores jointly launched Nike Air Max 95 "JD Sports" defined color, whole main color is gray black, transparent bottom exposed Cheap air jordans for sale air cushion, the heel of the NIKE Swoosh Logo and is the lace holes in bright fluorescent green embellishment, the body of the shoe with breathable mesh fabric with synthetic leather fabric collocation and, through the application of different materials and the way from top to bottom by gray to black color, the classic Air Max 95 overall more hierarchical. It has been sold at JD Sports, priced at $115. how, to, win, back, your, ex source: JD Sportszp8497586rqNike LeBron 11 Elite "Blue 3M" brings a cool feeling for the hot summer, the body of the shoe with water blue collocation silver Hyperposite protective material, corrugated lines covered with upper suction eye of the full 3M reflective effect, finally, equipped with a large bottom translucent material, the use of cold tonal collocation to create a cool atmosphere whether it is in the stadium, or as a daily collocation is a very good choice, Nike LeBron 11 Elite "Blue 3M" recently released. source: HYPEBEASTAir Jordan 13 Retro "History of Flight July 22nd" Taiwan area in particul Retro jordans for sale ar shops selling shoes, priced at 6300 yuan, BG (children) price 4600 yuan, BP (in children) the price of 3100 yuan, the price of 2200 yuan BT (children). We are all now in prospecting shoe finishing Facebook announced to dealers selling links, intends to start prospecting shoe please refer to the following links in the actual information, selling way and place to store transaction mechanism please announcement, more shoes sell messages can also be a reference station listing report. Jordan 16 Songgao 〈br union="" st. in addition, the Taiwan will also be sold tomorrow, and those interested in it can go to know it by themselves. source: NikeSay goodbye to short life habits, go to another group of people are familiar with space travel is longing for a visit, I think it is that due to the uncertainty of the strange sense of surprise; however, love shoes shoe makers in prospecting, Raiders countries an important source of fun to shop set is the trip, a point of sale for the brand in the world don't open, you may have h cheap jordans for sale eard that I but also failed to visit the shops, are faithfully showing when the earth unique shoe culture appearance and managing team the ideal blueprint, tell their own experiences. The following guidelines are just the beginning of a new experience, and I believe that the map of the world in your hands will definitely make a unique appearance through your footprint. Highs and Lows Australia in addition to sightseeing has always been one of the hot working holiday options, relative to the local culture in Taiwan is not so familiar with, but Australia has been using the persistent development of their shoes very smooth and Highs and ecology, Lows is very local index of shops. address: UNIT 3.544, BEAUFORT, ST, MT., LAWLEY, 6050, SNEAKERBOY and Highs and Lows, also located in Australia, SNEAKERBOY, interior design award for its award-winning interior and technical services, we recommend the scene to visit a reason. address: 1/265, Little, Bourke, St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, limitEDitions as a tourist city in Western Europe, in addi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo tion to visit Spain see its long history of cultural and natural heritage, was born in the beautiful Mediterranean climate under the shoe shop limitEditions, in the ancient and modern culture to create Barcelona reflects the local enthusiasm and luxury stores with stylish. address: Carrer, del, Duc, 8, 08002, Barcelona, Spain, Patta Patta is the meaning of the shoes in the Surinamese and is located in Holland Amsterdam city center trend Select Shop, similar to the U.S. Undefeated or atmos of Japan, has become one of the world's index of specialty shops, and Patta also sells a variety of limited shoe styles, has considerable influence in the local Holland shoes Market seen, in the windmill and remember to visit this tulip. address: Zeedijk 671012, AS, Amsterdam, The, Netherlands, LE, Vault Singapore is hard for many Taiwan lovers to equate with sneakers, but 〉Reebok Pump Plus new type inflatable socks shoes color appearance, inherited the Reebok Pump technology into blood, classic camouflage elements, a new type of running shoes socks evolutionary success both function and appearance, street fashion show attitude. In addition, the same type of running shoes Reebok Plus Runner series of socks to light for the demands of the function are also listed simultaneously. Reebok Pump Plus incorporates fine texturesThe campaign continued to spread, Reebok Pump Plus men in black and green military camouflage pattern collocation of two kinds of shoe body color, black and white girls section will launch two new animal lines, delicate texture design. in addition to appearance charm, inherited the advantages of Pump Plus Fusion formerly ZPump series of shoes, re create the appearance with special function shoes, unique Pump air muscle airbag, provide a more comprehensive coating and wear after plastic inflatable feelings, according to different foot type. EVA sole brings more lightweight experience and excellent damping effect, protection and relieve the pressure on the foot, to provide practical and real running back foot. Pump Plus shoes socks type design, smooth lines and simple, stylish shoes show neat, but also maximize the Pump technology experience, with high-end street style is not a beauty can. male model: BD4935 official price: 3850 yuan Listing Date: May 5th male models: BD4937 official price: 3850 yuan Listing Date: May 5th male models: BD4877 official price: 3850 yuan Listing Date: June female models: BD4939 official price: 3850 yuan Listing Date: May 5th female models: BD4940 official price: 3850 yuan 〈br reebok="" plus="" listing="" date:="" may="" 5th="" runner="" flexible="" light new type of Plus Runner with simple socks shoes Ultraknit high-tech lightweight and woven fabric, create an integrated streamline shoe body, greatly enhance the air permeability, and highlights the fashion style, synchronous light market. male model: BS5459 official price: 3250 yuan Listing Date: May 5th female models: BS5458 official price: 3250 yuan Listing Date: May 5th brand Under Armour? Although this year is the flagship of the second layers of the skin as ClutchFit technology Under Armour ClutchFit shoes? Drive? UA, but did not forget the last acclaimed Under Armour Micro G Anatomix? Spawn series continue, the introduction of the second generation UA believe that many fans of shoes quite looking forward to, compared with in the previous Under Armour Micro G? Anatomix Spawn 2 change is not so big, also equipped with Micro G material in the bottom of the shock, the shoe body is changed into breathable mesh foam structure more affixed to the foot, the exposure of the three colors are used geometric Camo, taste very practical strong. news source: solemovement? began in 2010, Adidas Originals and Japanese well-known brand atmos launched a long-term cooperation, launched many classic works. Among them, the Superstar 80s based works are more often show creative elements, this time will continue to promote the series to ninth G-SNK 9. The appearance of black snake to design and use, and the luminous display characteristics of 3M material. Currently available at atmos online stores, priced at 14000 yen. source: Eukicks